Problems We Solve For You

GovLead™ solves the three biggest problems facing your government contracting company.

Problem: Your capture managers are spending countless hours everyday scouring multiple sites looking for opportunities that your company can go after. They are also forced to search through email after email sifting the hard to read text for an opportunity that might be a fit for your company.


  1. Wasted hours per capture manager per day that could have been spent working opportunities
  2. No clear vision on what’s being chased since each capture manager has their own search criteria set up per opportunity source
  3. Redundancies in tracked opportunities when the team has more than one capture manager

GovLead™: Eliminates this issue by automatically downloading opportunities to your company dashboard. We auto-filter every opportunity based on your company filter profile so the opps you want to work are delivered to you instead of you having to go out and look for them. No more wasted time.

You'll receive every opportunity published by FedBizOps and other subscription sources that meet your filter profile, right to your dashboard. This means that you'll automatically receive new opportunities that you can realistically win.

You'll also receive the benefit of having a single company strategtic vision by having a single company search filter vs. the many search filters per capture manager and having a single strategic vision increases your opportunity for success in this ultra competative business.

Problem: Each capture manager utilizes different and customized spreadsheets to update their opportunity data and pursues the opportunity in a non-standardized way with no defined or clear company policy or priority. This leads to disorganized data, no clearly defined company pipeline and a generalized chaotic environment resulting in an inefficient and ineffective business development mindset.

GovLead™: Eliminates this issue for you by providing a built-in company pipeline for all opportunities being pursued. The automated pipeline consists of a series of five ‘buckets’ for opportunities modeled after the Shipley business development methodology GovLead offers your capture manager a structured and standardized method for opportunity pursuit. This built-in pipeline also offers your company instant visibility into each opportunity through real-time dashboard reporting.

Problem: Without a proper business development reporting platform, maximizing company efforts is impossible and more resources will inevitably focus on fewer opportunities resulting in lower revenue.

GovLead™: Eliminates this issue for you by providing visibility into the efforts of each capture manager as well as other supporting team members for each opportunity in each stage of your business development process. These built in resource allocation tools allow your company to make clear allocation decisions based on the number of opportunities being worked. Your company is now able to maximize your current pipeline using your current staffing levels making your organization as efficient as possible.

GovLead™ will revolutionize your federal contracting company by shaping your business development department into a lean, efficient and effective machine by automating, organizing, streamlining and standardizing your entire business development process.

GovLead™ is your Solution.