GovLead Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive opportunity specific data from sources to include: Opportunity title, Solicitation number, NAICS code, Solicitation Date, Award Date, Estimated value, Source Type, Duration, Organization, Solicitation Status, Competition Type, Contract Type, Contacting Officer Information, FBO Link, GovWin Link, Award Type, Primary Requirement, Work Location, Opportunity Description.

We can upload your historical and current data into GovLead for free.

If the same opportunity is found in multiple sites, our team consolidates the data into a single record. This happens all the time.

With GovLead™ you are provided the ability to process more opportunities that fit your skills and past performance in a more organized and effective manner. This gives you the opportunity to focus your efforts on the opportunities you can win and opens the door to higher win ratio.

GovLead™ streamlines and organizes processes, forces structure, eliminates wasted efforts, eliminates redundancies, provides immediate data and ultimately allows companies to get out in front of opportunities that fit their criteria. This allows the potential for companies to influence acquisition strategy. GovLead™ does this for what we believe to be the most important department in any contracting company.

Through GovLead™ you can set up and modify your company opportunities filter by utilizing multiple NAICS codes and other criteria that makes sense for your company. GovLead allows rapid scenario-based strategy sessions to determine if new areas of focus can help grow and stabilize your company. If you find that your business development pipeline has shrunk, expand your criteria and opportunities will instantly appear in your interest bucket. GovLead™ gives you the opportunity to pivot and change in a moment so you can start working opportunities that you can win.

Yes. You will not see any GovWin data unless you have a valid login for that data source. SAM.Gov is a free data sources and available to everyone.

We have the capability to customize your data sources if you subscribe to a different service for your opportunities. Provide our team with the name of the service and we'll take it from there. We can customize a new data source connection in approximately one week. Once customization is complete, we add the data feed to your subscription. This service is free of charge both for set up and data feed.

GovLead™ automated services run update analysis processes several times a day. Each validation may result in new opportunities that will feed to your interest bucket if company opportunities filter criteria is met.

Our services capture updates. If the 'auto update' feature is set on a data source it will automatically update the opportunity.

The company opportunities filter is your initial criteria for selecting opportunities. Each day, opportunities that are published on, GovWin and Seaport-e are uploaded to the GovLead™ site. Because of the volume of opportunities available to government contractors, the company opportunities filter limits data to those opportunities that are in line with the strategic direction of the company as selected by the business development team.

  • Each company sets up and maintains their own secure company opportunity filter allowing for the following data fields to be used as criteria. You can choose from the below list of options. Each option has multiple choices that can be selected:
    • NAICS Codes
    • Competition Type
    • Contract Type
    • Opportunity Status
    • Primary Requirement
    • Contract Value
    • Solicitation Date
    • Award Date
    • Included Keywords
    • Excluded Keywords
  • The company opportunities filter narrows down the list of opportunities for the company to a manageable number and allows a company to focus on strategic goals and direction.

Yes. A comprehensive list of NAICS codes is provided for the user to choose multiple NAICS codes as a filter.

GovLead™ allows your team to select opportunities that make sense to you and organize them into an ‘interest bucket’. Each company has the ability to establish internal policies that dictate how each opportunity moves along the business development pipeline process.